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Declaración Política Erasmus + IES Valle de Ambroz


The companies in the area demand students with an advance level of English. They want that the student have international experience because they would to increase their business in new countries. In addition, the companies find that the student has a better coalification because of the experience abroad help the student to have better skills. Choose our partners: We will look for vocational school of finance in our target country. The teacher will go to visit the area and will have meeting to establish collaboration between the vocational schools. The vocational schools of the target country will help us to find the companies where their students usually do the training. One our student will do the training in the same company of a native student. That will help both students to improve at the time both languages and learn how to work in a company. The partners will be chosen following criteria of affinity between their profile and their capacity to fulfill our needs and allow that achievements that must be accomplished by the participants Geographical Area: The geographical area to carry out the mobility will depend on the placement of the most suitable institutions to achieve the aims of the mobility programme, the native language of the country, the language level of the student and the economic founding of the activity and the cost of living of the country. We have chosen two main areas: Portugal and Countries with English as a native language. Portugal: We think that Portugal is a good country because the language is quite similar, it is close to Extremadura and cost of living is lower than Spain so our student can afford to go there. Countries with English as a native language: we have chosen these countries because our students have knowledge of this language and are the main language in Europe. Most Important Objectives Our most important objectives are to achieve the European competencies (describes the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes of the student): 1) Communication in the mother tongue. 2) Communication in foreign languages. 3) Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology. 4) Digital competence. 5) Learning to learn. 6) Social and civic competences. 7) Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship Cultural awareness and expression. These competencies allow the student to adapt to the needs of the European work market, allowing them to develop the specific skills required to keep on "growing" in their profession. Aims of HEI Valle de Ambroz in order to find its partnerships are: 1. Promote cooperation among different vocational schools in the European Union. 2. Improve the qualification of the future professionals. 3. Improve the language skills of the future professionals. Objetives HEI Valle de Ambroz are:

1. during the programme: Assure that the student has an adequate language level, find the best companies to do the internship, and help in the logistic to find homestay and provide a wide range of activates

2. The mobility will help us to make our vocational teaching adjust to the real demands of the European Working Market.

3. Establish cooperation links with European companies of our professional sector, making it possible for us to know more insight in their working style.

The institution Strategy

We want to carry out a gradual development of depth and involucration in these European Projects. We would like first to start only with student’s mobility to, then, foster staff allocation. The student mobility in host companies must contain a set of reference activities to certify competences acquired by the student. This subject, named FCT, has 400 hours and is accredited by IES Valle de Ambroz when the student return and the company tutor certified that has pass. The work programs in IES Valle de Ambroz contain a set of activities that allow the student has to perform during the training to obtain the professional competence specified according to the Extremadura and Spanish educational law.

Impact of our participation

By participating in the programme Erasmus +, HEI Valle de Ambroz expect to increase the number of students in the vocational school. This programme increases the appeal of the vocational school of the HEI, thanks to the possibility of the internship abroad. We expect to lower the number of students who leave early the vocational school thought this programme. We expect to improve the quality vocational school though the internship in a foreign country and bring the experience and know-how of the companies. We will manage to improve our educational quality and standards and increase the amount of multilateral cooperation in between High Education institution and the companies. This programme will help the materization of innovation practices in education and formation, as well as their transference. We expect to improve the management and finance of the vocational school through the funds of the Eramus + Programme.

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